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A terrace is an external, open, flat area in either a landscape such as a park or garden near a building or as a roof terrace on a flat roof. Terrace designers in Hyderabad designining models Terraces are used primarily for leisure activity such as sitting, strolling, or take to resting. In the home’s top of such a construction, used as a platform, garden, and etc…

Terrace designing depends upon the earth colors, natural tones and select the correct metrical for floor and furniture and proper lighting and electric installations. And if in doubt, you can always ask for advice from designers to designing your own terrace. Terrace designers in Hyderabad may also be platforms, supported by columns but without space but terraces are always open to the sky.

Terraces are often used for private residences in the homes. In traditional homes, that is built around a central terrace of the home. One or more home cabins are placed around the edge of the terrace, higher than the terrace to provide built-in bench seating. The Terrace designers in Hyderabad often pierced in the center by a tree, which along with the house cabin roofs and walls provides shade, and may be decorated with large flat ceramic bowls of fish and water lilies or by potted plants of Terrace designers in Hyderabad.


We have been very much convinced with My Vision Interiors, It is doing the interior decoration of my flat. Very innovative and talented people. They have More ideas to make a house look very attractive and pretty. We acknowledge them our gratitude for giving us a well-designed house.                                        Rating  (4.5)




Ramesh Reddy

Loaction : Near Green Park Hotel, Panjagutta, Food Inspector

We were remodeling a home that won't be ready for 6 or 7 more months and needed to be able to fit us, our two teenage daughters into our 3 bedroom apartment until it's ready. We contacted My Vision Interiors and within two days they had made a trip to our home to provide an estimate and Designs. They needed help in decorating the best styling for our Home and My Vision Interiors provided that guidance--we ended up with interesting rich looks in each room that unified the entire Home. Rating  (5.0)




Srinivas Yadav

Location : Flat No: C- Block 2811, Dhanalakshmi Residency, Madinaguda, Bar&Restaurant

My Vision Interiors One of the best Low interiors design company in Hyderabad. The wide range of excellent designs and 100+ Unique Ideas, suit to our requirements. Designer Mr. Harish Kumar and his team did a wonderful job outfitting our Home with gorgeous Beauty treatments. Their attention to detail and product quality are great. It very much helped us with the selection of lighting and furniture. We will definitely recommend it to our friends and relatives.                                                                                    Rating    (5.0)





Arjun Kumar

Location : Flat No :403, Apuroopa Layout 2, Sanath Nagar, yashoda hospital.

We are busy professionals Businessman. I have Chairs&Furniture Business In Hyderabad and Mumbai Cities. and My Vision team was incredibly patient with us to make decisions, find a time to meet, hard work, professionalism, and kindness.

They're also just a fun, young, energetic team to work with. Dealing with budgets, contractor and delivery people is highly stressful, and they were always on top of it, always patient, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything was handled properly, within timelines and budgets.

Rating  (4.5)



Durga Prasad Kondeti

Our Team

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