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Pooja room

Pooja room is used to pray the god. It supplication custom performed by Hindus to host, respect and love at least one gods, or to profoundly commend an event. Pooja Rooms Interior Designers In Hyderabad whether it’s a separate room or a Pooja Mandir placed in a corner, Pooja Room Decor has to look exceptional. People in small space apartments usually go for Pooja Mandirs. The material may be wood, metal or glass.

This simple pooja room design is configuration by a featured background panel and soft lighting. The general plan and lighting give this pooja room a spiritual glow that resonates with the vibrations which created this world. Pooja Rooms Interior Designers In Hyderabad this pooja room radiates with serenity, calm, and will put you into a deep meditative trance. The corner of the room has been delightfully transformed into a sacred pooja mandir or Pooja Rooms Interior Designers In Hyderabad.

This modern pooja room is small size and makes a space and mind that is clear of messiness and perfect for spiritual reflection. The mirror out of sight mirrors the normal light radiating through the window and makes a spacious room. A delicate spotlight envelope the idols making a tranquil feel. Now a day’s pooja room is compulsory to home. Pooja Rooms Interior Designers In Hyderabad designing Pooja rooms are constructing two different styles. Pooja room designs in the hall may consist of a separate room, cabinet, mandap or just a simple shelf.  wooden pooja mandap on it. Add some nice lighting around it and your pooja space is ready.


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